by Greenhill Projects:  Get it on iTunes  (Dec 2014). 

"Inelegance is The state of being inelegant, or that which is inelegant"

"Something that is inelegant is not attractive or graceful. (Example: Glass chandeliers have been replaced by inelegant plastic ones...)"

This EP has 4 songs on it. 

  1. "Voice of Sorrow" is a hardhitting, rugged, chilled and ductile rythmed thing, leaving you with nothing but emptiness and questions. 
  2. "Until perfection" is a double bassdrum, low-key almost david bowie rock'n'roll thing.  
  3. "The bridge of life" is many things, but not boring. Oh, the fun in just putting that out. 
  4. "I've got you" is your next summer-song, nice and chilled to your liking :-) Double Bass, not Double Bassdrums.

Hopefully this collection of songs that have nothing to do with each other, will be on your Pod in the near future together with the rest of the somgs from Greenhill Projects. All songs can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon